Lyst Svolvær

Our first sauna is centrally located in Lofoten, right outside Thon Hotel Svolvær.

This sauna is handicapped accessible with:

-Adapted shower and toilet
-Shower/toilet chair (available for loan)
-Wheelchair (available for loan)
-Handicapped accessible ramp for bathing in the sea

Do you need a wheelchair for bathing/showering/sauna? Read more here


A membership in our sauna association costs 350 kroner annually. The membership is valid for 1 year from the date it is purchased.

These are your membership benefits:

  • 50% discount on single tickets and monthly subscription (only available for members)
  • More affordable private sauna hire
  • Special invitation to events

"Swim in the cool water and feel the saunas warm embrace and enjoy the lights all seasons."

LYST Lofoten Sauna - Svolvær is located on a the floating jetty in front of Thon Hotel Svolvær, with a view towards the fjord and the mountains. It consists of two saunas, a women's and a men's wardrobe, both with hot water shower and a toilet. A visit to LYST Lofoten Sauna - Svolvær, should be a good experience that gives you energy and a sense of well-being.

Opening hours, every day: 06.00 - 01.00 AM (changes may occur due to private bookings).

You should be out of the sauna and the changing room before the next session starts.

There is a fresh water dispenser in the common areas outside the saunas, to fill up your water bottle.

Many people are tempted to take a fresh sea bath after a while in the sauna. There are stairs into the water from the floating jetty and diving board from the roof of the sauna. Do not bath alone, always have a person standing on the jetty with you while you bath.

  • Towels and bathrobes can be rented at the reception at Thon Hotel Svolvær.

  • Thorough body wash is mandatory before using the sauna

  • Swimwear is mandatory in the sauna (Swimwear can be bought in the reception at Thon Hotel Svolvær)

  • There are water dispensers in the common area outside the saunas

  • Only fresh water from the water dispenser shall be used on the stove in the sauna

  • Bringing food and alcohol is not allowed

  • Lyst Lofoten Sauna is unmanned, controls will occur

The Arctic Cripple
Disabled-friendly sauna

Lyst Lofoten Sauna – Svolvær is universally designed and adapted for users with functional impairments. We have a shower-/toilet chair and a wheelchair that can be used in the sauna and in sea water for loan. Please contact us by email in advance of your visit, and this will be available upon arrival.