Lyst Svolvær

Vår første badstue ligger lokalisert sentralt i Lofoten, rett utenfor Thon Hotel Svolvær.


A membership in our sauna association costs 350 kroner annually. The membership is valid for 1 year from the date it is purchased.

These are your membership benefits:

  • 50% discount on single tickets and monthly subscription (only available for members)
  • More affordable private sauna hire
  • Special invitation to events

"Plask i det kalde vannet, kjenn bastuas varme omfavnelse, og nyt lyset gjennom alle årstider."

LYST Lofoten Sauna - Svolvær is located on a the floating jetty in front of Thon Hotel Svolvær (, with a view towards the fjord and the mountains. It consists of two saunas, a women's and a men's wardrobe, both with hot water shower and a toilet. A visit to LYST Lofoten Sauna - Svolvær, should be a good experience that gives you energy and a sense of well-being.

Opening hours, every day: 06.00 - 01.00 AM (changes may occur due to private bookings).

You should be out of the sauna and the changing room before the next session starts.

There is a fresh water dispenser in the common areas outside the saunas, to fill up your water bottle.

Many people are tempted to take a fresh sea bath after a while in the sauna. There are stairs into the water from the floating jetty and diving board from the roof of the sauna. Do not bath alone, always have a person standing on the jetty with you while you bath.

- Towels and bathrobes can be rented at the reception at Thon Hotel Svolvær.

- Thorough body wash is mandatory before using the sauna

- Swimwear is mandatory in the sauna (Swimwear can be bought in the reception at Thon Hotel Svolvær)

- There are water dispensers in the common area outside the saunas

- Only fresh water from the water dispenser shall be used on the stove in the sauna

- Bringing food and alcohol is not allowed

- Lyst Lofoten Sauna is unmanned, controls will occur