Enjoy sauna and cold water swimming surrounded by the most beautiful scenery on earth.

Welcome to LYST Lofoten Sauna association. We offer sauna- and cold bathing in one of the worlds most fantastic locations. Plunge into the cold water, feel the saunas warm embrace, and indulge the light of four season in the arctic north.


A membership in our sauna association costs 350 kroner annually. The membership is valid for 1 year from the date it is purchased.

These are your membership benefits:

  • 50% discount on single tickets and monthly subscription (only available for members)
  • More affordable private sauna hire
  • Special invitation to events

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Live life with LYST - Vist one of our saunas for a refreshing experience:


Lyst Svolvær

Vår første badstue ligger lokalisert sentralt i Lofoten, rett utenfor Thon Hotel Svolvær.


Prices member / non-member

Kr 125 for members (50% discount on drop-in, applies at all hours)
Kr 399 for monthly subscription (Can be canceled on user page)

Kr 250 (all time)
Kr 798 for monthly subscription (Can be canceled on user page)

Sauna for everyone

LYST Lofoten Sauna Association was established in 2021, and is run by a volunteer board. We want to make saunas and cold swimming available to as many as possible, to enable the health-giving effects of cold and heat to both the local population and visitors to Lofoten. As of 2023, we have one sauna of our own, but hope for more saunas and sauna cooperation within a short time. - We are looking forward to invite many more people to sauna and cold baths in Lofoten!

Guidelines for using LYST Lofoten's saunas

We want to contribute to a healthy sauna and cold bathing culture, and therefore refer all members and users to support our guidelines for common sense and etiquette in the sauna:

We always take a shower before entering the sauna

We always sit on a towel, and never directly on the bench

Children are always accompanied by an adult, and the age limit to visit our saunas is 16

We only allow water in the sauna, and glass bottles are not allowed for safety reasons

The sauna is a place of warmth and calm, we speak softly and enjoy the silence

We love that our sea is fresh and clean, and invite you do your very best to keep it that way

We respect each other and show consideration for everyone. We help each other to keep the sauna culture healthy!

Alcohol consumption in the sauna is not allowed

Our partners

A big thank you to all our partners who helped us along the way.